August 22-24, 2013
Thurs 12-5, Fri 10-5, Sat 10-5



August 22-24, 2013 / Dallas Convention Center

Thursday, Aug.22 12pm-5pm/Friday, Aug.23 10am-5pm/Saturday, Aug.24 10am-5pm

Those attending the 2013 ProPickup Truck Expo fall into the following categories:

  • Road/Bridge Builders  
  • Heavy Contractors
  • Professional Landscapers
  • Oil & Gas Field Service
  • Utility Providers
  • City/State DOT
  • General Building Contractors
  • Aggregates suppliers

If you are involved in one of the above, look for registration information in ProPickup or one of the Randall-Reilly magazines you are already receiving.  You can also pre-register, just CLICK HERE.

The ProPickup Truck Expo includes: SmartSession educational seminars; product demonstrations; displays of new products; pickup ride-and-drive programs; customized work pickups; and many other opportunities to get ideas on how to accessorize, customize and upfit pickups to make your business more profitable.

The ProPickup Truck Expo is a NEW part of Intersection 2013 that already includes these pre-existing events that draw more than 50,000 attendees:


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